Seasoned Firewood

For all of those long cold nights in the winter, there’s nothing like a nice warm, natural fire to keep you comfortable. We split all of our wood ahead of time in the spring and summer, so that it is aged (seasoned) by the time you want to use it in the winter.

The majority of our firewood is split to approximately 20”/22″ or so in length. Firewood piece sizes will vary however. Our wood is a mixture of all hard woods.

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Seasoned Firewood Bundles

$6.00 per bundle

Bundles are available at the farm for pickup.

We have firewood bundles available all year.

They are great to grab and go!

Perfect for campfires and fire pits!


Use the Firewood Cord Delivery Form below for cord pricing

*Firewood is sold in full cords.

*Deliveries of firewood are dumped in one location.

*We do not stack the wood.