Soil & Manure

Composted Humus Loam

Our 100% natural organically composted Humus Loam is made fresh here at the farm. We compost our own secret blend of all natural materials, mix them together, and screen the final product down to 3/4 inch to ensure that the final product is as free as possible from stones, twigs, and other foreign objects.

Humus Loam - website

Price per cubic yard: $26

Lawn Mix

Lawn Mix is Snow’s Farm famous Humus Loam or “Black Gold” mixture, simply screened down another step or double screened and then there is a higher content of virgin topsoil then mixed with humus to given a finely screened product great for grass with very little effort other than spreading it out and applying quality seed and hay or can be used for under sod.

Lawn Mix - Website

Price per cubic yard: $30

Composted Manure

Our 100% natural organically composted manure is very useful for gardens of all types. Composted manure is sure to grow the healthiest vegatables or bud the nicest flowers around. Due to the shaving content from the animal bedding Composted Manure is often used as mulch for gardens and beds in the spring where it will continue to break down all season long amending your exsiting soil. By the following planting season you simply till and reapply more Composted Manure.

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Price per cubic yard: $40

Bagged Composted Manure with Soil

Soil - Bag

Price per bag: $6

*Contact us for delivery pricing if you should need bags delivered to your location.

*Bags dry weigh aprox. 70 lbs.

*10 Bags equal aprox. 1 cubic yard.

 Rain Garden Soil  

Price per cubic yard: $50

Special blended soil for rain garden projects.  Can usually be customized to different specifications.