About the Farm

About Snow’s Farm in Easton, CT

Nestled in the rural area of Easton, CT lies the oldest and largest supplier of organic lawn and garden soils and manure in Fairfield county. This farm has been in the same location for over 100 years. Snow’s Farm, a family run operation committed to providing only the highest quality 100% all-natural farm fresh products to 100% satisfied customers. The family at Snow’s Farm has always taken great pride in being organically-aware by providing products and services which adhere to the strictest standards.

The Snow family works hard at providing our farm fresh natural products to both business and home owners alike; whether you want to fix up your yard or make the front of your shop look more green – our farm has the right stuff for you. Anytime you see really nice lawns or gardens in this area you can be sure that there’s a good chance that there is Snow’s soil underneath.

Everyone at the farm works hard to provide a  friendly, quaint, and caring attitude towards all of its customers. Thanks for taking the time to visiting us on the web!

The Snow’s Farm Family

Today Snow’s Farm is being run by the fourth generation of farmers. Originally founded in 1912, the beginning of this millennium marked the 85th Anniversary from the time when Philip Snow came from Europe and purchased the farm. Following his tenure on the farm, his son’s Maurice and William continued to run the operation. Continuing with Maurice’s Son Philip and his wife Arnell and 3 children. Philip and Arnell’s son, Irving along with his sister Jenny continue today to work the daily operations of running the farm.

A farm is a business just like others; it brings both rewards and hardships. Those of you who have been to the farm before most likely have seen one or more of the farmers out an about.