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Do you make all of the products at the farm?

Since 1912 Snow’s Farm has been providing the surrounding Fairfield County, CT area with 100% ALL NATURAL farm fresh products. We make nearly all the products that we sell on the farm and the ones that we do not directly make ourselves come from an ALL NATURAL farm provider similar to ourselves. Generally the products that we do not make ourselvelves come from other farms so that we can still provide our customers with the overall grade A (the highest quality possible) goods and services.

Does the Humus Loam have rocks in it?

The Humus Loam sold at the farm is screened down to 3/4″ to eliminate rocks and other debris larger than 3/4″ in overall size. Since this process is done using large production farm equipment, there are occasions when a rock or stone may slip through the screening machine; however, we do our best to offer our customers the highest quality humus loam.

How do I know how much material I need to order?

Ordering material in bulk is certainly not an exact science, but here is a good method to give you a rough idea: For every 3″ of material at 1,000 square feet, you’ll need 3-1/2 yards of material. To figure out square footage, multiply the length x width of the area you want to cover (L x W). No area of land is completely perfect, but at least this will give you a basic idea as to what size delivery you’ll want to order or how much material you’ll want to pick up.

For more information regarding farm product coverages, please see our farm product coverages page with extensive information regarding bulk material coverages.

How big are the stones in the driveway stone? Are there big rocks?

The driveway stone comes in many different sizes, the most common of which is 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ and 1 1/4″. While we can special order many other sizes, shapes, or varieties, the most common sizes we keep in stock nearly all year round are the sizes listed above. Aside from the size of the stone you order there is not usually any larger size rocks in the material; it is designed to be used for your driveway, drainage, walkways, patios, and other places where you want a stone padding.

What is the minimum delivery quantity?

For all of our bulk materials the minimum delivery quantity is 2 cubic yards. The minimum quantity of hay bales delivered is 20.

For more information regarding farm product deliveries, our deliveries page has extensive information regarding our delivery protocols.

Is there an extra charge for a delivery?

Yes, please see our product deliveries section.

For more information regarding farm product deliveries, our deliveries page has extensive information regarding our delivery protocols.

How can I get in touch with someone at the farm?

Our contact page displays a myriad of methods for contacting a farm representative.

What are your business hours of operation at the farm?

Our hours of operation page includes detailed information regarding our regularly scheduled hours of business.

What do the delivery trucks look like?

Our deliveries page has extensive information regarding our delivery protocols.

What does your farm look like? Is it big? Do people come to just visit?

Our farm is nestled in the rural town of Easton, CT. Although the town has recently become more populated we still maintain an active farm environment on our 50+ acres of farmland.

Visits to the farm are welcomed.  Stop in to see our products, the animals and our farm office has a small shop with various farm items for sale.

Can you put more then the amounts listed in the truck?

NO! Due to weight limits the maximum stated is what we can load the truck with. Mulch is lighter then soil / stone. This is why trucks are able to carry more mulch.


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