Product Pickup Process

How to place an order for pickup:

1. Place your order (Make sure it is for pickup at the farm location)

2. Check your email to make sure your order went thru

3. Wait for a farm team member to contact you via email or phone to let you know you are all set to come to the farm to pick up your product

4. When you arrive at the farm, go to the farm sales window and give your name and order number.
A farm employee will assist your from there!

5. Once your order is picked up and you have received it, you will then get an email that your order is complete

*Online orders are checked by a farm team member only during business hours.

*Most online orders are available for pick up same day!

*All product sold by the yard is loose and is loaded on to your vehicle with a machine, therefore you need an open bed truck or trailer

Product Pickup FAQs

Can I send my landscaper or a friend, family member to pick up my order?

Yes! Please make a note of this when filling out your online order form.

My order came back that it failed, what does this mean?

Your payment method didn’t not go thru. It is best to try again and make sure that all your billing information is correct.

Can I call in and place my order?

You can, however the easiest and quickest is to place orders through our online website. Shop online here!

I placed my order and realized I ordered the wrong product?

Contact us here ASAP. Reminder – Check your order thoroughly before submitting. If you have any questions, always contact us here before proceeding with your order.