Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs


Eggs are only available for pickup at the farm.



Here at the farm our chickens don’t just hang around and make noise; they deliver farm fresh eggs daily! If you haven’t had a real farm fresh egg for breakfast you’ll definitely be in for a treat with these. Why are they different than regular eggs from the store? Simple. Many eggs available at local grocery stores have been sitting on fridge shelves for weeks or sometimes even months. However, our eggs are sold inside our farm store about 200 feet away from the actual chickens themselves. These breakfast beauties are sold by the dozen and are packaged in standard padded containers for protection.

The majority of the breed of chickens at the farm are Red Cross and White Leg Horn. Egg sizes range from Large to Jumbo.

Recycle Your Egg Cartons

Once you have collected a dozen egg cartons, please recycle and bring them back to receive a dozen eggs free. Thanks for helping. *Egg cartons should not be torn or damaged